Caucasus region is one of the most interesting and less explored regions in the world. Being situated at the junction of the two big continents Europe and Asia, between the Black and the Caspian seas, Georgia has been the crossroad of various cultures and civilizations since times immemorial. Georgia has been populated by cardinally different ethnic groups, who have managed to survive and protect their unique customs and habits, culture, language, religion, folklore, ancient architecture, etc. However Georgia is more than a land of exotica and ancient churches and old fortresses. From the point of view of biodiversity, Caucasus is considered to be quite a unique region in the world. Though its territory is very small you can still find a wide variety of different kinds of Flora and Fauna here. You can meet not only the species that are widely spread in Europe and Asia, but Endemic ones as well that are found only in Caucasus. Wild nature is well preserved in Caucasus, while you can hardly find it in other parts of the European continent.

All these peculiarities taken together enable the admirers of educational and eco tours to perceive themselves as the part of the original world. We should mention the unique nature of the landscape geography of Caucasus - beginning with the lowlands of 15 meters - up to the highlands exceeding 5000 meters. You can hardly meet this kind of climate contrasts on such a small area - from deserts and subtropical climate zones up to the eternal snow-caped mountains.

Region has the richest archaeological potential. According to the latest sensational discovery, human beings have been living on the territory of Georgia for a very long time. Some time ago the remains of the oldest human fossils in Eurasia were found in Georgia which were approximately 1.8 million years old. After this discovery scientists developed the theory of migration of the ancient human beings from Caucasus to Europe.

Thus, Georgia and Caucasus are very interesting from different points of view: tourist, adventure, historical, scientific, educational, ecological, and cinema production.

One of the directions of our company activities is the service of cinema production and film-making in the whole Caucasus region, which includes: meeting at the airport, hotel accommodation, transportation, qualified scientists' consultations, experienced guides, organization of filming from the helicopter, leasing of filming apparatus, legal procedures needed for filming, etc. We have partner TV studios in the whole Caucasus region.

If you decide to produce a film or any kind of TV production in Georgia we are ready to render assistance to you. We 'll always welcome you.

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