We offer you a great opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia, Khevsureti - The country of Black Shields, which lies to the north of the Caucasus mountain range, in the deep canyon.

Historical location of Khevsureti may be the main reason for the fact that Khevsurians strictly observe ancient traditions.

Khevsurian people are very different from the rest of Caucasian people. They are still living in tribes. Khevsurians were excellent fighters and in ancient times they used to be the famous body guards of Georgian kings. Khevsurian people always fought with small black shields and that’s why the Arabians called them "Black Shields".

Khevsurian national clothes decorated with cross ornaments are very original and some scientists consider that Khevsurians are heirs of crusaders.

Khevsurian mythology and cosmogony is rather interesting. According to the legend, their gods came down from the heaven by sparkling column and taught them various things. The gods annihilated giants with fire arrows. According to the mythology, Khevsurians were sons of those gods. In Khevsureti there are some special sacred places and Khevsurians visit these places once a year to worship their gods. This tradition and sacral rituals are still very popular in the 21st century.

season: end of June - beginning of October

Day 1.
Our guide and assistant with the poster: IRIDIUM TRAVEL will meet you at Tbilisi Airport (Communication Language - as the requested by the client).Transfer by accessible bus or minibus to Tbilisi hotel. Lunch (sandwiches, hot or cold drinks). Rest. Dinner. After dinner, enjoy a guided sightseeing tour to Tbilisi. Supper in the Georgian traditional restaurant. Back to the hotel.

* The plans of the 1st day may be changed, according to the time of your arrival.

Day 2.
Breakfast in the hotel. Check-out. Set out at 8 a.m.
Tbilisi-Shatili (150km, 6-7 hour). Transport - 4#4. Transfer to the Caucasus mountain range. The pass's height-2700m. To stop near the Labaiskari castle, where the famous fight between the Khevsurians and Russians took place in 1812. Lunch near riverside. Shatili. Accommodation in the famous Mr. Vaja Chincharauli's guest-house. (Shatili castle and settlement belongs to Chincharauli family). Shatili sightseeing. This settlement is of great cultural and historical value. Shatili is in the list of UNESCO. Qachu and Anatory castles - guard Shatili.

Day 3.
Breakfast. Set out at 8 a.m. Visit the Anatory tombs (According to the legend, when Khevsurian felt that he was dying, he entered in the Anatory tombs himself). Lunch. Settlement Muco. Camping. Dinner. Rest. Mutso castle and settlement belongs to Daiaury family, now only one family lives here. Mutso sightseeing. The way to Mutso is very dangerous. You can see the tombs and the chapel here, which look like ancient chapels of American Indians. Picturesque views. Leaving Mutso. The camp.

Day 4.
Breakfast. Set out at 8 a.m. The river Ardoty canyon. Lunch on the way. Ardoty. Camping. The castle and settlement Ardoty belongs to Zviadauri family. Only one family lives here. Ardoty sightseeing. You can see the only Christian church in Ardoty all over Khevsureti (In the XII century the Khevsurians rebelled on some religious grounds. The king Tamar (She was a queen) sent her troops to make them obey. After three months' bloody fight the Khevsurians lost the fight and the Christian Church was built here). Leaving Ardoty. Rest. Supper near the fire. The camp.

Day 5.
Breakfast. Set out at 8 a.m. Trip to Khakhabo. New Khakhabo. Lunch. Old Khakhabo. Camping near the river side. Dinner. Khakhabo sightseeing. Khakhabo is divided into three part. The settlement was populated with three relative tribes. Leaving Khakhabo. Rest. Fishing. Supper. The camp.

Day 6.
Breakfast. Set out at 8 a.m. Trip to the pass Datvijvari (2600m). Lunch and rest near the castle Lebaiskari. The castle and settlement Kistani. Camping. Dinner. Kistany sightseeing: Two castles. Khevsurian fighters used to hang cut hands of enemies on the walls of the castles. There are interesting symbols carved on these walls. Leaving Kistany. Rest. Supper. The camp.

Day 7.
Breakfast. Set out at 8 a.m. Lunch, near The Abano (bath) spring. Shatili. Rest. The Banquet. The guest-house.

Day 8.
Breakfast. Set out at 8 a.m. Shatili-Tbilisi. Lunch. Hotel. Evening walk. Banquet in a traditional restaurant.

Day 9.
Breakfast. Check-out. Transfer to Tbilisi Airport.

* The plans of the 9th day might be changed, according to the time of flight. The company is responsible for arranging additional events and covering food expenses.

The price includes:
Transportation From the Airport and back to the Airport
2 nights in Tbilisi hotel
2 nights in Shatili - guest-house
4 nights - in the tent
Guide and assistant
Baggage assistances in the Airport
Three meals a day

The price does not include:
Air tickets
additional cost for single room
additional cost for renting a horse or a mule
Alcoholic drinks

Additional information:
Transport: comfortable minibus in Tbilisi. TBILISI-SHATILI-TBILISI, NISSAN, NIVA 4#4

Rucksack, paralon, sleeping-bag, waterproof clothes. (Some of these things can be hired on the spot)

In case of force major circumstances (weather, acts of god) the receiving party retains the right to change the section of the route, the fulfilment of which will be dangerous for the participants of the tour. In this case the receiving party will offer some alternate measures and the participants may select the version appropriate for them.

The tour is for healthy people. Please inform us about your illness in advance, to be on the save side.

Please, get in contact at least 45 days before the beginning of the tour


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