Day 1.
Our guide and assistant with poster: IRIDIUM-TRAVEL will meet you at Tbilisi Airport. Transfer by comfortable bus or minibus to Tbilisi hotel. Dislocation. Light Lunch (sandwiches, hot or cool drinks). Rest. Dinner. Enjoy a guided sightseeing tour to Tbilisi. Supper in the traditional Georgian restaurant. Return to the hotel.

* The plans of the 1st day may be changed, according to the time of your arrival.

Day 2.
Prometheus way
Breakfast at the hotel. Check- out. set out at 9 a.m. Travel to Georgian province Khevi, settlement Kazbegi (160 km, 3, 5-4 hour) by a Georgian Military Road in a bus. The trip on the way to Mtskheta (The old capital of Georgia, where the famous fight between the Georgians and Pompeus took place), The Jvari (cross) Monastery (4-6 century), Ananuri (The Beautiful castle of Georgian noblemen named Eristavi); Lunch in settlement Pasanauri - restaurant "baghi" (Garden) (traditional food). Gudauri (one of the famous winter resorts). Stopping near the Jvari pass - 2380m (The Gate of the province Khevi). Arrival. Kazbegi(1700m) - picturesque view - mountain Kazbegi (Mkinvarcveri) 5033m. According to a legend, the horrible dragon attacked Prometheus chained to the mountain, but the dragon turned into rock. There are The Dragon Rocks below the top of the mountain (4800 m) that have a horse-shoe shape. Visit famous Kazalikashvili family. Dinner (traditional food). Rest. See The Mountaineering museum, which is located in this family. Supper. Rest.

Day 3.
The Trinity Church. Gergeti glacier
Breakfast. Set out at 10 a.m. Transport - 4#4. Visit The Trinity Church (2100m), where St.Nino's cross was kept. Lunch. Trekking (4 hour) to the Gergeti glacier. Dinner near the mountain river source (2950m). Free time. Alpine grasslands. Picturesque view - mountain Kazbegi (Mkinvarcveri). Go down to the Trinity Church. Return to Kasbegi by car. Supper. Guest-house.

Day 4.
Khevsurian Ballad
Settlement Juta. Chaukhi mountain-mass.
Breakfast. Set out at 10 a.m. Transport - 4#4. The only settlement in province Khevi -Juta (2350m), populated with ancient Georgian fighter tribes - Khevsurians. Walking - Chaukhi canyon. Lunch. Free time. Beautiful view - tops, covered with snow. Return to Kasbegi. Dinner. Free time. Supper. The guest-house.

Day 5.
Truso - the land of ancient castles
Breakfast. Set out at 9 a.m. Transport - 4#4. Beautiful Truso canyon - source of the river Tergi. Lunch near mineral spring. Trekking. Ancient castles. Picnic. Picturesque view - the highest Suatis glacier. Trekking to cars. Return to Kazbegi. Supper. Guest-house.

Day 6.
Gvelety Canyon. Devdoraki Glacier
Breakfast. Set out at 9 a.m. Transport - 4#4. Dariali canyon. The right part of Gvelety canyon. Beautiful mountain tracks - trekking (3-4 hour). Visit the place where about 1900s Belgian engineers were mining gold. Lunch near Devdoraki glacier. Trekking to cars. The left part of Gvelety canyon. Picnic - the mountain waterfall (It's possible to bathe). Return to Kasbegi. Supper. Guest-house.

Day 7.
Relax day. Beautiful settlements
Breakfast. Set out at 11 a.m. Transport - 4#4. Tsdo - Nice settlement in Khevi province. Lunch. Trip to settlement Sno - The birthplace of the Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II. See the Church. The Summer residence. Return to Kasbegi. Dinner. Free time. Traditional supper: national dish "khinkali" (you can take part in preparing "khinkali").

Day 8.
Wake up at 10 a.m. Breakfast. Departure to Tbilisi. Dinner in settlement Pasanauri - restaurant "Bagi" (Garden).Tbilisi. . Accommodation in the hotel. Rest. Visit the sulphur baths, where according to a legend the city of Tbilisi was founded. Farewell banquet in a traditional restaurant. The hotel.

Day 9.
Tour end
Breakfast. Check out. Transfer to Tbilisi Airport.

* The plans of the 9th day might be changed, according to the time of flight. The company is responsible for arranging additional events and covering food expenses.

The price includes:
Transportation From the Airport to the Airport
2 nights in Tbilisi hotel
6 nights in Kasbegi - guest-house
Guide and assistant
Baggage assistances in the Airport
Three meals a day
Cool drinks
Museums, sulphur baths, additional trips

The price dose not include:
Air tickets
Additional cost for a single room
Alcohol drinks (except banquets)

Additional information:

Hotel in Tbilisi - a small-size family hotel in the old Tbilisi.

"Kasalika-House" located in the centre of settlement Kazbegi. Picturesque view - mountain Kazbegi (Mkinvarcveri). Comfortable bath and lavatory. Warm water. The Alpine museum. Special library for Mountaineering.

comfortable minibus or bus. In Kazbegi - cars 4#4.

Water-proof dress, warm dress, sport shoes.


In case of force major circumstances (weather, acts of god) the receiving party retains the right to change the section of the route, the fulfilment of which will be dangerous for the participants of the tour. In this case the receiving party will offer some alternate measures and the participants may select the version appropriate for them.
Diet : Vegetarians and the people on special diet have to inform us in advance.

The tour is for healthy people. Please inform us about your illness in advance, to be on the save side.

Please, get in contact at least 45 days before the beginning of the tour.


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