You are offered an opportunity to make your childhood dream come true and conquer one of the highest and the most wonderful peaks of Caucasus – Mkinvarcveri without much effort.

You will travel to a beautiful place, completely engrossed in legends. You’ll make friends with whom you’ll have to be chained in one rope and share your supper in the darkness of a night in a tent.

Day 1.
Our guide with poster: "IRIDIUM TRAVEL" will meet you at Tbilisi Airport. Transfer by comfortable bus or minibus to Tbilisi hotel. Dislocation. Light Lunch (sandwiches, hot or cool drinks). Rest. Dinner. Enjoy a guided sightseeing tour to Tbilisi. Supper in the traditional Georgian restaurant. Return to the hotel.

* The plans of the 1st day may be changed, according to the time of your arrival.

Day 2.
Prometheus way
Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out. Set out at 9 a.m. Travel to a Georgian province Khevi, settlement Kazbegi (160 km, 3, 5-4 hour) by a Georgian military road in a bus. The trip on the way to Mtskheta (The old capital of Georgia, where the famous fight between the Georgians and Pompeus took place), Ananuri (The beautiful castle of Georgian noblemen named Eristavi); Pasanauri. Lunch. Gudauri (one of the famous winter resorts). Stopping near the Jvari pass - 2380m (The Gate of the province Khevi). Arrival. Kazbegi (1700m) - picturesque view - mountain Kazbegi (Mkinvarcveri) 5033m. According to a legend, the horrible dragon attacked Prometheus who was chained to the mountain and the dragon turned into rock. There are The Dragon Rocks below the top of the mountain (4800 m) that have a horse-shoe shape. Visit the famous Kazalikashvili family. Dinner (traditional food). Rest. See The Mountaineering Museum, which is arranged in this family. Set out at 6 p.m. Transport - 4#4. The Trinity Church (2100m). First camp. Visit the Monastery (VI-VII centuries), where St.Nino's cross was kept. Supper near the fire. The camp.

Day 3.
Breakfast. Camp break. Set out. Way - 4-5 hour. Slow hiking. The Camp 2 (2950m) – Gergeti glacier located near the mountain river source. Dinner. Free time. Supper. The camp.

Day 4.
Wake up at 6 a.m. (It’s necessary to wake up early in the morning to force a crossing over the river, until ice melting starts). Breakfast. Camp break. Set out. Cross the mountain river. Hiking on moraine (1 hour). The Gergeti glacier. Hike to a meteorological station. The camp 3 (3575m). "Bethlehem Cabin" - capital construction. There are wooden beds in the rooms. Dinner. Free time. Supper. Stay in a meteorological station for a night.

Day 5.
Breakfast. Instructing. Free time. Dinner. Set out at 1 p.m. Slow hiking through the eternal snow (5-6 hours), chained in one rope. Rest near the iron cross. The cross is considered as a patron of mountaineers. The camp 4 “Iagora’s Mark" (4000m). Supper.

Day 6.
Wake up at 4 a.m. Breakfast. Set out at 5 a.m. Hiking on the plateau (4200m). Rest. Put on "claws" (grapplers). Rising to the top (inclination 25 degrees). Slow hiking. Little breaks. The last part of the road (120 m, inclination 35 degrees) – with the help of hanged rope. Reach the top. Photos. Go down to the camp. Light lunch. Camp break. Accommodation, dinner and supper in the Meteorological station.

Day 7.
Reserve. In case the reserve day is not used during ascend to the peak, the Company will offer you historical-informational tour.

Day 8.
Wake up at 8 a.m. Breakfast. Hiking to Kasbegi. Lunch near the Camp 2. Return to Kasbegi. Accommodation in the Kazalika-House. Take a shower-bath. Dinner. Rest. Farewell supper.

Day 9.
Wake up at 10 a.m. Breakfast. Departure to Tbilisi. Dinner in settlement Pasanauri - restaurant "Baghi" (Garden).Tbilisi. Accommodation in the hotel. Rest. Visit the sulphur baths, where according to a legend the city of Tbilisi was founded. Farewell banquet in a traditional restaurant. Hotel.

Day 10.
Breakfast. Check-out. Transfer to Tbilisi Airport.

* The plans for this day might be changed, according to the time of flight. The company is responsible for arranging additional events and covering food expenses.
Every participant of the tour has to carry his baggage himself. You can rent a horse or a mule by paying an additional payment. (The camp 1- the camp 2).

The price includes:
Transportation From the Airport to the Airport
2 nights in Tbilisi hotel
1 night in Kasbegi - guest-house
2-3 nights - in the Meteorological station
2-3 nights - in the tent
Baggage assistance in the Airport
Three meals a day
Cool drinks
Museums, sulfur baths, additional trips

The price does not include:

Air tickets
Additional cost for single room
Alcoholic drinks
Additional payments for renting a horse or a mule: Horse - 30$ per day, mule - 20$ per day

"Kasalika-House" is located in the centre of the settlement Kazbegi. Picturesque view - mountain Kazbegi (Mkinvarcveri). Comfortable bath and lavatory. Warm water. The Alpine museum. Special library for Mountaineering.

comfortable minibus or bus.
Equipment: Participants of the tour must have everything necessary for mountaineering: Alpine stock, sleeping bag (-10+10 C), carbine, "claws" (grapplers) , water-proof dress, warm dress, belt-binder, Guammashes.

In case of force major circumstances (weather, acts of god) the receiving party retains the right to change the section of the route, the fulfilment of which will be dangerous for the participants of the tour. In this case the receiving party will offer some alternate measures and the participants may select the version appropriate for them.

Vegetarians and the people on special diet have to inform us in advance.

The tour is for healthy people. Please inform us about your illness in advance, to be on the save side.

If you are interested in our route, please inform us of the list of routs made by you earlier.

Please contact with us at least 45 days prior to a tour


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