Elbrus is a place of the constant pilgrimage of people who loves mountains and mountain kinds of sports such as climbing, trekking, mountain skiing, snowboarding. As well as officially Elbrus acknowledged the highest mountain in Europe, climbing of its summit is essential part of the World wide program “Seven Summis”, - this attracts climbers from arownd the world. There is other reason of the high popularity of Elbrus – it‘s simplicity and accessibility. Many beginners start their climbing carrier on the Elbrus, getting from this mountain their first lessons, measuring by its altitude their willingness to improve themselves physically and mentally...

Our 12 days program is developed for people, who has no profound climbing experience or has none and who would like to try what the mountain climbing is. Elbrus is ideal for that purpose. The climbing route is not difficult and does not require many special technical skills and spending long time at high altitude. For participation in this program we recommend to pass a brief course of mountain climbing technique and security which can be provided by us just before the beginning of the program.

First rule or law, by which we are guided in developing our routes and programs is safety and security of our clients. Our guides have the highest professional level, we use only high-tech certified climbing equipment and the most up –to date navigation systems. That guarantees you the best level of security which is the most important part of our work.

Schedule of the program.

Day 1st – Arrival to Mineralnie Vody, moving to the Shchelda Base Camp (1800m), accommodation in the living rooms with 2-3 beds.

Day 2nd – Trekking to the Kashkatash glacier (2500m), training on the basic rules of the mountain climbing security in Caucasus.

Day 3rd – Acclimatization. Trekking to the camping ground (3500m) near the VCSPS Pass, carrying over equipment and food. Descent to the Base Camp.

Day 4th – Setting the tents on the camping ground (3500m) near the VCSPS Pass. Walking up to the Pass (3700m) or the nearest summit Andyrchi (3900m, PD), descent to the tents and sleeping in the camp 3500m.

Day 5th – Climbing of the Kurmychi summit (4200m, PD), descent to the camp 3500, sleeping there one more night.

Day 6th – Descent to the Shchelda Base Camp, relaxation, sauna.

Day 7th – Resting day, walking in the valley, visiting of the climbing museum.

Day 8th – Passage (by bus) to the beginning of the Elbrus route (Azau place), ascent to the “Prijut 11” (4100m) (chair lift up to 3700m, then walking), setting the tents or accommodation in the hut, walking up to the “ Rocks of Pastukhov” (4800m), ), descent to the “Prijut 11” (4100m).

Day 9th – Summit day. Climbing the West Elbrus (5648m), descent to the “Prijut 11” (4100m)

Day 10th – Descent to the valley, return to the Shchelda Base Camp, relaxation, sauna, banquet.

Day 11th – an extra day

Day 12th – Departure

5-6 of camping life in the field conditions.
Cooking your meals by yourself while climbing the mountains.
Carrying a 15-20 kg backpack.
Air temperature can be down to –20C on the altitude higher than 3000m

The price includes: guide services, rent of common equipment (tents, ropes, belaying and navigation equipment, cooking equipment, gas-jets), transfers from the point of the beginning of the program to its end, local registering and climbing permits, food for 12 days of the program.

The price does not include: price of the air ticket to the point of the beginning of the program (Mineralnie Vody), price of the Russian visa, climbing insurance, rent of the personal equipment.


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