Christianity was spread in the 4th century in Georgia, though paganism influence was still very strong at that time. In the middle of the 6th century a group of holy fathers arrived in Georgia with the mission to strengthen Christian religion in Georgia. History knows them as thirteen Assyrian Holy Fathers. They spread their enlightenment activities throughout Georgia and the monasteries founded by them are still functioning even today and make up the unique and most significant part of Georgian Architecture and cultural heritage. Holy Father David is one of the most distinguished figures among the 13 Assyrian monks and his name is connected with Tbilisi Kashueti and Mama Daviti Churches. The David Gareja monastery complex, extended 20km in longitude, 50 km in latitude is situated in Gare Kakheti, on the half-desert slopes of mount Gareja and impresses visitors with the right artistic skill of frescoes and architecture. Semi desert wonderful landscape, unique flora and fauna add the most amazing charm to this monastery cut in solid rock.

Day 1
Set out from Tbilisi at 9 a.m. Tbilisi-Rustavi-Gareja (70 km, 1.30 h); Ioane Natlismtsemeli (John the Baptist) Complex founded by the first disciple of David Garejeli – Lukiane. Lunch in the nature, at the foot of Chichkhitauri castle; 1 hour walk up the most beautiful mountain range. Udabno (Desert) monastery; this is the place where in the 17th century, Iranian Shah Abase II, beheaded 6 000 Georgian monks who refused to change their religion; unique Georgian frescos, cells and refectory, numerous small churches; down to Lavra.

Functioning monastery; burial place of David Garejeli; water-gatherer ditch, a reservoir cut in the rock - David's tears - the only spring, where the first hermits quenched thirst; only 20-30 litre water can be collected diurnally; unique hydro technical system used to collect maximum amount of water during periods of rain; seismological station; dinner; free time; hiking in the nature; supper; spend the night in the seismological station.

Day 2
Wake-up at 8 o'clock; breakfast; set out to "Dodo's Rqa". St. Dodo's complex; Dodo was David Garejeli's disciple who was consecrated a saint in his life. Churches cut out in the rock; IX century frescos. Lunch in the nature; departure; Gareji-Sagarejo (50 km, 1,5 h.); monastery of Ninotsminda (St. Nino); Farewell party in a restaurant and famous Kakhetian wine. Back to Tbilisi (50 km, 1 h.). The end of the tour.

The price includes:
Transportation from Tbilisi to Tbilisi by comfortable minibus or car 4X4;
Three meals a day
Cool drinks on the way
Alcoholic drinks at the party
A night in seismological station

The price does not include:
Alcoholic drinks

Tour participant must have:
sport shoes

Vegetarians and the people on special diet have to inform us in advance.

The tour is for healthy people. Please inform us about your illness in advance, to be on the save side.

In case of force major circumstances (weather, acts of god) the receiving party retains the right to change the section of the route, the fulfillment of which will be dangerous for the participants of the tour. In this case the receiving party will offer some alternate measures and the participants may select the version appropriate for them.

Please, Get in contact at least 10 days before the beginning of the tour


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